HDMI-CEC through soundbar

Hi everyone,

I want to get a Sony HT-XF9000 soundbar, which has a HDMI input (where I’ll connect the Vero 4k+) and HDMI output to the TV’s ARC port. Will the HDMI-CEC signal that gets passed to the soundbar (for soundbar controls) get passed one step further to the Vero 4k+ or does HDMI-CEC only support one transfer?

Thank you.


It should work; as this usually works with an AVR in between; which is effectively the same scenario here.


Yes, should work.

It did with my LG BluRay/Receiver combo connected to my Samsung TV ARC port but I don’t use it like that as only get 2.0 non-HD sound - hence the Vero4K+ / eGreat combination.

I use the Vero 4k → Yamaha YSP-2700 soundbar → Samsung 4k TV. CEC commands are passed along just fine, I usually just use the tv remote to control the Vero.

So as Sam said, it should yes :slight_smile:

I am a long time dreambox user (sat receiver based on linux). Their HDMI-CEC plugin has an option to display the hdmi devices.
The setup is as follows: dreambox - soundbar - tv - chromecast
The dreambox even can see the chromecast attached to the tv :nerd_face: