HDMI-CEC with Sony RM-AAP016

So I have an older Sony rcvr, and right now CEC seems to work in that using my wireless kybd w/ the OSMC I control the rcvr’s volume just fine.
But I’d like to move control from the kybrd to the Sony remote. Mostly I’d just need the directional keys and enter, as well as play/pause/stop/rr/ff, etc. :slight_smile:
Can anyone point me in the right direction, or be truly awesome and have a working xml file?

Just an update:

Tested other buttons on the samsung tv remote, Many of them work. But not volume. TV won’t pass that thru.

Any thoughts?

This has been discussed on other threads (suggest you search) the volume keys are not pass thru from the TV on the given profile.

I did search, but apparently didn’t use right keywords. I’m ok w/ volume not being pass thru from tv.

But what about getting the rcvr remote to control the pi?

And why would you want to pass the volume buttons back to Kodi if you are directly connected to a TV anyway ?

You will always get better sound quality by leaving the Kodi volume (+/- on a keyboard) set to 100% and adjusting the actual volume of the TV - which is precisely what you get by default with CEC. Only if you are using an AV receiver does it make sense to pass the volume buttons back from the TV to the AV receiver to control its volume.

I’m actually connected to a surround sound rcvr (the sony), and the pi/kodi controls volume on THAT just fine from a wireless kybrd. Yay.

What I want, tho, is a ‘tv style’ remote such as what the Sony rcvr or the Samsung tv use that I can control it all with.

Buying a harmony from logitech isn’t an option right now.