HDMI connection loss

Hello everyone,

i mentioned my issues before, but had no luck with the solutions provided. I am really happy with my Vero 4k, but there is one issues that completely destroys my cinematic experience.

I have a Sony Projector and a Sony TV. On both devices, the Vero looses the HDMI signal for 1 second, in almost every Movie. If i watch a 2 hour movie, it occurs 1 or 2 times completely random. I cannot reproduce it by going to the same timecode.

Its just like when selecting the HDMI input where the TV or Projector info box pops up that informs about the HDMI Port name. As if it has changed or lost HDMI connectivity. I use high quality Wire World HDMI cables. I deactivated auto frame rate and hpd events, still not getting rid of this issue. I use the newest Software and also reinstalled from the ground up, no change in behaviour.

Is there anyone having similar issues?


I honestly can’t see any your posts regarding the issue you are describing now.

Edit: I see you were talking about info screen appearing, but not losing signal.

Anyway: How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

Post from January 3

  • also i have noticed a quirk i did not get from running osmc on rbpie3. Some time into any movie i watch, i will get a info screen from my TV that tells me in wich mode it is running ( 1080p 24hz etc) this is usually something i get when the framerate adapts to the source material, but not repedately during the movies… im thankful for any help


This was the same effect, but now with the newest Software i noticed that the connection was lost and a black/green flash appeared before the info box was visible.

I’m guessing that you weren’t playing 4K / HDR or 10-bit files on your Pi 3.
Please upload a log when the issue occurs and we will be able to see what’s going on.