HDMI edid file or not


Is hdmi_edid_file=1 only for Raspberry PI, or also for Vero 2?

Running the command :
sudo /opt/vc/bin/tvservice -d /boot/edid.dat wont work, cause the file “tvservice” does not exist on Vero 2.

But is there anything else you could do?

All the Vero’s connected directly to TV, works fine.

The one connected to my AV Surround Receiver, does not work flawlessly.
When I change to HDMI 2, which is the input from receiver, I can enable HDMI CEC (Panasonic Vierra)
But if I change to HDMI 1, to watch tv, and then later on, switch back to HDMI 2, it has lost CEC control.

Not that big of a deal, I can just activate CEC (Vierra) again.
But then it jumps to home screen.

Only for RasPi.