Hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1 on Vero 4K+?

My TV switches to the HDMI channel the Vero 4K+ is connected to every time the Vero boots up.

I do not want that and used to add ‘hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1’ to boot.txt when I was running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi.

I do not see boot.txt or config-user.txt in the /boot directory of the Vero, creating those files did not result in the desired behaviour; the TV still switches to the Vero 4K+ after the Vero boots up.

How can I stop that?

In Kodi…
settings>system>input>peripherals>CEC adapter>switch source to this device on startup>[disable]
After the change make sure you hit “OK” and not “exit” on your remote as the latter wont save your changes.

Thanks so much.

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