HDMI No Signal on LG tv (but works on other TVs)

I was at my parent’s for the weekend and I used the time to setup OSMC on my new RPi 4.
They have an older (~10 years) Samsung TV and everything worked fine (including CEC or whatever it’s called on Samsung).

I came home today and excitedly tried to connect the RPi to my LG TV (bought it almost 2 years ago) and i was disappointed seeing No Signal on it. I tried all the ports combinations (both tv and RPi).

I also have some very very cheap generic TV (~5 years old) and on it everything works fine too! Same device, same cable, etc.

I also have an older RPi 3 with the latest OSMC on it. Tried it on the LG TV and everything works fine. The only difference is the cable. On the RPi 3, I have a regular HDMI cable, not the smaller one as it is on RPi 4.

Next, I did a backup of my SD card and tried putting a fresh copy of OSMC on it, but with no luck. Still “No signal”.

I moved the device to the older tv and (as everything works there) i finished the installation and connected the device to the wifi.

Then i connected it to the LG TV again. Still nothing.

Here’s my log after I connected it to the LG: https://paste.osmc.tv/uvefojineg

I tried many things i could find here, on Reddit and where not, but couldn’t achieve anything.

The log after i set loglevel to 2: https://paste.osmc.tv/lesuzeqeru

Upload logs from the Pi3 connected to the LG TV.

Does Raspberry PiOS work on the LG?

No. I also tried with LibreELEC but it didn’t work too :confused:
Even though I guess it seems like it’s not OSMC related, i hope somebody here can help me get it working.

Here it is, just did a fresh OSMC install on it as well - https://paste.osmc.tv/ozodabiyiq

anyone? :confused:

Seems to me this needs a RPi expert. Have you asked on their forum? Maybe @popcornmix has an idea.

yeah, but didn’t get any response so far :confused:

Did you see this?

Are there still config.txt options to boost the HDMI signal?

I had to enable hdmi_ignore_cec in myOSMC settings in order to get screen output reliably on an old Samsung telly. It might be worth a try.