HDMI noises


I’m am trying to turn my raspberry pi into some sort of audiobox, which I can stream to. Since the jack on the Pi isn’t exactly great, I’m using the HDMI and a HDMI to VGA/jack adapter to connect them to my speakers. Unfortunatly, as soon as I turn the Pi on, the speakers makes a lot of low freq noises.
Any idea, wheather I can fix this?

Thanks in advance

Is this a hum, or a sort of chugging noise?
Try repositioning the wires (I think you have pickup from local sources, which can be the ones driving your equipment). If you can change the volume of the noise by repositioning, you might want to try battery power sources, rather than mains driven.

I found out, that it simply needed more power. Thank you for taking time to answer me

Good to know you found a solution