HDMI not working post update


I was on rc3 so finally updated tonight. All was working well and update went smooth. After some time watching a film it crashed and froze on screen. I pulled the power to the Pi and plugged back in after a few seconds. Now I have no video.

The pi is running fine as I can connect to it using the Kodi remote app on my phone.

Have I killed my HDMI out somehow or is it an upgrade issue. Before dying OSMC said it needed another restart due to a pi app update.

I can also connect via ssh

Config.txt is


Have you tried to reboot it again since?

You are the only person to have reported this issue.

I just set


And rebooted.

I got the OSMC splash screen at low resolution and then a No Signal

I renamed config.txt and now the bugger won’t connect to the network. I wondered if it was corrupt or something

what does tvservice -m CEA and tvservice -m DMT report?

You must have some config.txt to boot lol.

Such fail. Arghhhh

Guess I need to rebuild then

Put the sdcard in your PC and name it back.

Ok will do.

Are there any other settings on config.txt that look fishy. It was running overclocked.

No, looks fine. Just revert the name change and remove the lines you added that didn’t resolve anything.

You might also try unplugging your TV from the wall for a moment to ensure it gets a full, clean reboot. Then start the Pi once the TV is fully started and set to the correct input for the Pi.

After you have put your config.txt back how it should be, I would try turning your TV off at the wall or unplugging it for a minute, (not just off with the remote) to reset it as some TV’s occasionally stop sending correct EDID data.

The default resolution output by the Pi when no EDID data is received changed quite some time back from 1280x720p to 640x480, which some TV’s cannot display. This change might have been after RC1. (can’t quite remember)

If this doesn’t help, try swapping the HDMI cable for another one.

If you still see a problem please post the output of these three commands:

tvservice -s
tvservice -m CEA
tvservice -m DMT

This will list the current mode the Pi is running in and also the modes that the TV reports it accepts.

Thanks for the help.

All I have done is renamed it back to config.txt and rebooted for the nth time and it restarted well and very fast. Not sure what went wrong??

So everything is working now ?

Perhaps the SD card was not properly seated ? Is it an old Pi 1 with the large SD card slot ? Those can get a bit unreliable after a while and sometimes need a piece of paper to pad the thickness of the SD card a bit. (On the non contact side)

It is a pi2 and seemed seated ok when I removed it. Maybe it needed longer switched off?

Please create your own thread for a completely different issue. Also:

doh! my bad… deleted my post and made a new thread