HDMI Passthrough problems

I have a Philips Cineos TV that has the ability to passthrough DTS received from HDMI and output it to my Receiver over a digital audio cable. This has always worked fine with OSMCC on my Raspberry 1. Now with Vero installed, I can’t seem to get the correct signal as there is no sound when the audio channel is set to DTS for movies that worked on the RPI.

The Export audio settings show:
Output: AML-M8AUDIO, S/PDIF (also didn’t work on analog) (On Pi this was PI: HDMI with 2 channels)
Config = optimized (also tried best match)
Keep device alive: 1 min
Enable Passthrough: Enabled
Dolby Digital Capable Receiver: Enabled
Transcoding: disabled
DTS Capable Receiver: Enabled

So how come this worked on the old RPI and not on the Vero2? I plugged back in the RPI and watched one of the movies and the Receiver received the DTS signal without any issues.