HDMI Problems Vero 4K

sorry buy i still have the HDMI problem, like i mention on the first post, i start playing a movie and the box lose the HDMI signal and the movie wont play on a few sec the movie stop and the HDMI Signal come back, i use the example Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk but it happen a few movies 4K Hevc, this movies play fine on other devices on the same cable and hdmi input because i tested, here is the link logs hope that someone can fiend what the problem is, if you need more info please let me know

thanks in advanced

Do you have Adjust Refresh Rate enabled? This can cause you to lose signal for a second or so while the TV adjusts signal.

Are you saying that you still receive CEC messages?

Turn off HDR auto-switching.

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yesss, that fix it :slight_smile: thank you, so just curiosity what is HDR auto-switching for, do i lose any quality if i disable it

again thank you