HDMI Problems Vero 4K

hi guys, i just got my vero 4K today, first think i did was update to the last version, everything is fine, the only problem that i have is the vero 4k lose the hdmi input signal constantly, if i play a movie and stop it lose the hdmi signal and i have to go to my basement and unplug the power and plug it back, i have HTPC, AppleTV, Nvidia Shield and have 0 problem, Yamaha 5100 and Sony 940 TV, i try 3 different HDMI Cables including the one that comes with vero 4k and different input and still have the same problem

this happen using Kodi skin or OSMC Skin, please tell me what info you need from me, this is my first vero

i also trying to reset kodi, so i go to manual and select reset kodi after reboot, so i check that press ok and after reboot kodi dint reset everything stay intact, what would be the best way to complete reset vero 4k to factory default

here are logs let me know if you need anything else

thanks in advanced

trying to add movies to my library NFS vero 4k just crash and red light on front of the box

also i download and reinstall the last OSMC

Make sure your device is up to date. We added some thermal fixes.

A red light usually means overheating.
How is the Vero 4K positioned?


i was running artwork downloader now and crash again with red light, the box is horizontal position

have you look at the logs to see if anything is wrong? so far im not having a good experience whit this box


Please take a photo of the environment the box is situated in, and confirm you’re using the official power supply which is powered directly to the wall (no extension chords).

Not a debug log so hard to see what’s going on, but you seem to have some network problems.

here there is plenty of air space, the cpu on idle is running 64c, can you please tell me what network problem you see because like i say i have HTPC Running Librelec, shield with kodi and i dont have any network problem with a 96 tb unraid server, also how can i get you debug log so next time if crash you can have more info

again thanks


64c will not give you a red light, and is fine.

Looks like debug logging being enabled in Kodi log will help. This is what shows sometimes:

19:09:11.307 T:3867575040   ERROR: CCurlFile::Stat - Failed: Couldn't connect to server(7) for http://download.osmc.tv/kodi/addons/krypton/plugin.programm.xbmcmail/icon.png

Maybe DNS?

i got to say, i move the power supply that came with vero 4k to a different outlet and everything is better now, i just finish watching my first 4K HDR and sound and video was stunning no more crash, i enable kodi debug log, how do i get it so i can post it here? i still have some HDMI Signal lost whit a few 4K HDR Movies and will like to know what the problem could be

thanks in advanced

Either via MyOSMC -> Log Uploader or command line grab-logs -A

ok thanks for you help fzinken, gone try that tomorrow

im getting this error , how can i fix it?

thanks in advanced

Posting a log would be a good way to start.

right sorry about that, for some reason i scared upload logs public, anyways here are they, and thanks


Do you use CEC?

no i dont

Then just go to Settings>System>Input>CEC> and disable it.

thank you that did it