HDMI signal struggle to stabilize

Hello Everyone,

For my second post, I would like to submit an issue that I’m facing with my current setup.

TV: TX-55HZ1000E
Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR686

Verok4k+ connected to the receiver on HDMI 1
Main HDMI on receiver connected to the TV on HDMI 2 (ARC)

From audio perspective, now everything is working well (thanks again to Darwin & fzinken for helping me to find the best configuration).
Meaning that I can read any files, decode all audio track (even DTS MA, etc…)

Going back to my problem:

So I open my TV, select HDMI 2, I see my Vero4K , I can navigate without issue.
Then, if I try to run a movie (any of them), I got 2 issues:

1/ My TV automatically switch back to HDMI 1 (so I have to manually put it back to HDMI 2)
2/ Then I got a black screen during many seconds, sometimes I can hear 1s of sound, I can see an image, black screen again… And this during like 10s, and suddenly the image and sounds works perfectly well.

I noticed that even my receiver doesn’t really understand what’s happening on the signal coming from the Vero4K

So this is my question to you guys: What’s happening ?! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and strong support for this fabulous product (yeah I know i’m doing too much, but let’s be honest, this product is awesome)


Try turning everything off (not just stand-by). Wait 10secs then turn on again.

Man… How do you do that ?
It’s working !

Gosh… simple as it is, tell me your secret :slight_smile: