HDMI Touch screen Vero 2

Hello, I’m quite new at all this and I wonder if I can use a HDMI Touch screen for Rapsberry with the Vero 2, and if so if i can use it along with the projecter using a HDMI doubler.

Thank you for your responses.


No – the interface for the Pi Display is not compatible with the Vero 2

OP refers to HDMI Touch screen.
If the HDMI reference is correct then this is not the official RPi Display - since it is not HDMI.

Need to know more about the proposed screen.

Yes I was talking about this kind of display:


If it will work, you’ll need something like this:

Thanks Tom.

The page for your proposed HDMI screen says that the touch part is seen by OS as a USB mouse … so that should work.
However, you might be better off asking Adafruit directly to confirm. I am sure that someone there will have OSMC installed and can verify it.

The main problem is, the device is unlikely going to be able to output 2 different resolutions simultaneously.