HDMI Video dropout Vero4k

Indeed it’s not an HDMI dropout as the audio is not affected. I think the problem is in the interaction between Vero 4K and NAD AVR. As with my Oppo, I don’t have any problem with the same media. Maybe there is something sent by that Vero 4K in the video that is probably not correctly handled by NAD (and it seems to be related to the media encode). As soon as I stop the movie and return back to the osmc GUI, the problem disappear.

I will try a direct connection to the projector. And I will give a try to my other media player just to see if my other boxes have the same problem.

Tom, Sam,

I confirm it’s a problem between Vero4k and NAD.
Following tests have been perfomed:

  1. Run the Ready.Player at 51min and wait 2 minutes until the problem occured. Pause and confirm the video problem still present.
  2. Switch hdmi to hdmi Projector (direct and still in pause in Vero 4K), no problem anymore.
  3. Switch back to NAD hdmi (still in pause in Vero 4K), problem reappeared
  4. Move hdmi from nad to Oppo hdmi input and switch avr input to Oppo (link between Oppo and Vero 4K), no problem.
  5. Test on ATV 4K connected to NAD using Infuse and MrMC, no problem at all.

So I’ve a temporary workaround by using Oppo hdmi in.
In 2 weeks, I will receive a new NAD amp (due to a hiss in height speakers) with a refactored card. I will try to reproduce the problem on it.
If it still happen, then it will be a software problem (I suppose in NAD)

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Confirm the problem was coming from the previous version of the NAD card. Tested with Vero 4K and Vero 4K +, no hdmi (video and sound) problem anymore.
Once again, thanks a lot for your great support.

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Glad things are now working as expected.