HDR not working until reboot


I have noticed with 3 films recently, matrix trilogy, that HDR does not activate. The movie plays fine otherwise. If I reboot the vero4k+, then then movie plays as expected.

I am on the latest update with device connect to onkyo receiver and lg b7 TV.

Logs here:-https://paste.osmc.tv/yobanegeta


I assume the AVR and TV have been off during this period?
You might benefit from enabling HPD Lock.

It’s also possible the Vero was booted before your equipment was on.

Your log is showing that the Matrix was played at 1080p.
Turn off video whitelisting. This should solve the problem; or add support for 4K resolutions to the whitelist.

Yes, AVR/TV off when not in use but the Vero is left on. HPD lock was already enabled.
Wasn’t aware of the whitelist but have now enabled it and tested and those 3 films worked fine. Will monitor to see if this occurs again.

Thanks, Sam.