HDR playback on non HDR TV

HDR question.
I have Vero 4 k I’m using with my LG with HDR. And a Raspberry PI with my Panasonic without HDR support.
I now have to download two different versions of the same video if I want watch it on both.
Would a second Vero 4k fix that. In other words. Can it play HDR content on my Panasonic without the pink screen issue?

I have a Vero connected to an ancient Panny plasma and generally the HDR-to-SDR conversion is good. It is not perfect, but generally fine. I’ve also looked at HDR-to-SDR conversion on the nVidia Shield via Kodi, and for me it runs much too hot with burnt-out highlights and washed-out colour. The Vero is better in my view. I’ve also looked at Infuse on the ATV and SDR conversion is typically good there as well, but not always. I’ve not found a single platform that is a universal winner (though for me the Shield is the loser), different titles seem to trip up different devices in different ways. Under pressure from the family I’ve conceded that I’ll maintain a full SDR library in parallel with the growing HDR library, and I just bite the bullet in terms of the storage requirements that go with that in order to avoid complaints when using the SDR displays in the house.

Yes. But you should find the new Vero V (‘real soon now’) does HDR-SDR better than Vero 4k.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll wait for the reviews on the new Vero.