HDR subtitles


I just got the LG C8 last week. Unfortunately HDR subtitles are blindingly bright.
Does the Vero 4k+ handle those better or let you change the color to a dark grey?

There have been some requests re. this; so it’s something we’ll look in to.


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Thanks. I guess I’ll get a 4k+ once such a feature has been added.

If you switch to expert settings, you can switch subtitles color in player settings. I use Grey (it’s white anyway on c8, bu it is not blinding white).

I find the best colour for HDR subtitles (on the Vero 4K) is blue.

If you start a support ticket, I’ll send you a message when the changes have been made. But the suggestions above should do the trick in the interim.


I also have problem with too bright subtitles. I use grey subtitles but I think there should be an option to choose very dark grey or something…

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but those subtitle color options in Player Settings only work with SRT subtitles, right? UHD-BDs usually have picture based subtitles (bitmaps)…

I use external subtitles for everything. I don’t like the look of pgs subtitles.

+1 on this. It would be great.

+1 to dark gray, hdr needs darker subs.


I’m also interested on PGS subtitles brightness, I now they are bitmaps but maybe you could play a little bit with alpha opacity (I’ve no idea if that is possible on overlaying bitmaps).


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