HDR to SDR conversion on Vero 4k +

Hello, I have about to buy a Vero 4k + but I have one question before pulling the trigger. The main and only reason I am buying the Vero 4k + is for it’s supposedly excellent HDR to SDR conversion/mapping so I can watch 4K and HDR content on my old 1080P projector using Kodi 18 or MrMc with the correct colors. I currently use a Samsung K8500, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Fire Stick 4k 2018 as source and HDR content look washed out when playing on my 1080P Optoma projector. Of course, every HDR content look spectacular when played back my Sony X900E TV. I understand the Panasonic UHD players do this well but not a good choice for streaming using Kodi.

I understand I cannot get BT2020 WCG on my old projector but would the Vero 4k + properly convert to Rec709 out of the box? Any issues with contrast?? I am looking for plug and forget solution for HDR to SDR conversion issue I am currently experiencing with my 1080P projector while allowing for HD audio passthrough to my Yamaha 2070 recevier. Thanks much!

HDR-SDR works pretty well but varies from video to video. I find converted SDR usually a bit saturated/dark on my Panasonic TV but others have found the opposite. There’s a few people with Optomas in here who can advise their experience.

Some adjustable tone curves are planned for Vero.

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Is there a way to force HDR->SDR conversion if you have a HDR-capable TV? Some older movies are just way too dark in HDR.

Thanks grahamh. Hopefully some Optoma owners will chime one. I badly need HDR to SDR solution that works properly. Since I stream MKV files with HD audio, I have ruled out the Panasonic players as they don’t meet my needs. I need a device that works with Kodi, MrMc etc that supports MKV streaming with full HD audio passthrough.

On my TV I can disable HDR. But the review on flatpanelsHD says that makes things darker. YMMV.

If by older movies you mean SDR, Vero will play those as SDR.

HDR to SDR looked very good on my Optoma HD25.
I’m now on a UHD51A; which supports HDR


Thanks Sam. That is quite a good reliable feedback coming form you, especially that you tried it the same brand projector, albeit a different model. I have the Optoma HD8200 with only 62 original hours. It has been sitting in storage for several years while I took time to decide to build my home theater. I will not be buying a new HDR projector for foreseeable future so got to able to watch HDR content as SDR on it.

No, older HDR movies. Movies that were released in 2016 and prior. Some from 2017, not many from 2018. Back then most movies were mastered/graded too dark (IMO) and now they finally started to make them brighter, thankfully.

I can’t on my LG OLED.