HDR to SDR tonemapping on an HDR compatible TV

Some HDR content is too fake looking for my taste and I find that the SDR content actually looks more realistic.
I can fiddle with my TV settings and change the OLED light down or change the warmth etc with content I feel is overly HDRed, but I was wondering if the Vero could tone map down to SDR for an HDR enabled TV?
Obviously HDR content from the Vero switches my OLED into HDR mode, but was hoping to try out SDR if possible.
Any ideas?

It can, but you probably won’t like the result.

Go into Settings / System / Display and set “Display maximum luminance” as high as it will go (currently 350 nits). Then go into Settings / Player / Videos and set “HDR processing” to either “Force SDR” (which will output SDR with a rec.709 colour gamut) or “BT2020SDR” (which will output a rec.2020 colour gamut, but in SDR rather than HDR).

The end result will probably look rather flat, as if the gamma on the display is set too low. The feature is designed for displays that are not actually HDR-capable, and those generally have a rather low maximum luminance. It would look better if the Display maximum luminance setting were allowed to go much higher than 350 nits. I’ve been bugging @grahamh about that for a while, but it hasn’t happened. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hmmm… I’ll play with that and see what happens.

Yeah yeah.