HDR tone mapping support?

Hi there,
About to upgrade to a new projector, and I’m trying to figure out how Vero works with HDR tone mapping. Does the player do anything to optimize the tone range like certain 4K Blu-ray players do, or is that simply not supported.


It’s something we will add support for in the future.

@grahamh has some ideas


That’s great to hear. You guys rock!

Hey Sam,

To clarify, is this feature being implemented in the next update after 4.9, or just at some point in the future? Just trying to set my expectations!

I know you guys have metadata passthrough coming soon (which is wonderful), but HDR tonemapping is really the crown jewel of potential features for those of us running 4k projectors.

It will be available in the future. First we need to get that 4.9 update out the door


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