HDR/tone mapping


Hi, I just purchased a new Vero 4k+ to pair with a new JVC NX7 projector that I am also waiting to receive. I am brand new to the whole HDR/UHD world and am finding it to be a fair bit more complicated than I had expected, but the Vero 4k+ seems to be the closest to having all of the capabilities that I was hoping for without reverting back to solid BluRay/UHD discs with a Panasonic 820 or the pricy Oppo 203.

With this new projector I am wondering if passing MaxCLL/FALL data has been implemented for the Vero or is in the works as the tone mapping will be critical to get the most out of my HDR movies. I probably should have asked before purchasing, but is there anything else that might limit the capabilities of this projector by using the Vero? I am committed now, but would like to prepare myself for any unexpected surprises.

Looking forward to getting to know the new Vero and the projector. Any pointers or other useful information is much appreciated.


Bear in mind that a significant number of releases do not have MaxCLL/MaxFALL at all. We try to fall back to sane values if this metadata is missing.


Make sure your device is up to date when you receive it for the best experience


So if the metadata is there it is passed to the display then?


Currently: not yet (re. MaxCLL/Fall)


I have a JVC X790 and will be upgrading to the NX7. I’m very much interested in a small, focused Plex box fully capable of streaming all formats. maxCLL/FALL is required for the new models. Really hope this can come ASAP to consider this box.


It’s being actively worked on.