HDR too dark on TV

Could you upload a clip of this opening sequence, please? There’s a paste bin at collab.osmc.tv but I don’t understand how it works without a login. @sam_nazarko can tell you a url.

By borked I mean just dim. I don’t have a non-LG TV to test with. I have a projector, though, but I won’t get to test with it for a bit.

I do indeed have 10-bit manually enabled.

Did you rip this yourself? I’d expect to see more detailed colour information — unless you’re using an old version of MediaInfo to get these details


I can confirm that my tv (lg C7) is the same, having read this thread I have tried Coco at the time stamps mentioned and the colours are underwhelming on the vero compared to the internal player, I’ve changed all the picture settings to be identical , I think that I hadn’t noticed it before because I’ve never done a like for like comparison and rarely used my internal player but there is definitely a difference, I however do have the HDR autoswitching enabled as this seems to work for me as the HDR symbol always appears when I playback HDR content!? hopefully this can be rectified as I have a new vero on the way when they arrive in stock

The HDR EOTF will be signalled regardless of the autoswitch setting being enabled when playing HDR content, but the colour space may not be right. I’m looking at this now.



When you compare the LG’s internal player to the Vero, you see how muted the Vero is.

Hopefully it can be fixed in the next update.

I have been having a chat with @grahamh about this.

I’m guessing there isn’t the original mastering data in these remuxes.
The LG player might be doing something smart, like falling back to sane defaults.

Can we get a couple of samples here: OSMC


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Not just the LG player. The Apple TV 4K running Plex direct play has no issue either.

Interestingly, I tried Cars 3 before I left this morning with the same Disney intro and it looks FINE. Bright and punchy fireworks. The disparity between it and Coco is pretty crazy. Coco looks like there’s a hazy filter on.

That’s interesting to know that it doesn’t affect all titles.
If we can get a couple of clips of ‘good vs bad’, we can take a look.


I’ll be home shortly and can upload some exposure-locked iPhone footage?

Sorry – I wasn’t clear. I’d like some samples of the actual files that exhibit the problem so we can work out why with the source material.


I can do that. Not sure what software to extract MKV sample with?

mkvtoolnix should do it.

If you can make sure that the sample you produce also has problems before uploading, that will be helpful. As the shared folder can be uploaded by multiple people, it’d be great if you can call your file WilliamG-some-clip etc so we know who’s talking about which clips


Ok will figure that out as soon as I get home shortly with any luck. Cheers, Sam. What is it with Disney movies, eh?

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Actually I should also update I was able to test with Terminator 2 UHD as was mentioned above and the same issue is there as well. So it’s not just Disney. Anyway, upload coming soon.

Sam, can you confirm sample received?


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Thanks for providing the samples WilliamG.

Sorry about the old MediaInfo, I spaced and used the command on my server.

Anything stand out?

I haven’t had a chance to look yet.