HDR Video Adjustment on Kodi 19.1

Anyone else notice that the contrast and brightness cannot be changed on an HDR video on Kodi 19.1 ? For me anyhow. Fresh install of August update…everything is fine except that.

That’s by design. In testing, users with both HDR and SDR displays wanted to be able to adjust the HDR-SDR conversion with the contrast while not affecting HDR-HDR output.

So we pass through HDR untouched so displays can make what they will of the raw stream.

Thanks for the clarification…just noticing that 4K HDR files I’ve played before now look dull and 'homogenized".

That’s disappointing. We haven’t changed anything in HDR-HDR. The video doesn’t ‘touch the sides’. Logs might shed some light on it.

I don’t know if it’s just my imagination but my hdr movies seem to have more punch and the colours look great I’m watching on a panasonic gz950 oled tv

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That’s one hell of a set !

With all the confusion over HDR specs and flags these days, I understand the decision to let HDR just pass to the set (mine is a Hisense H9G through a Denon SH950)…every setup is going to have different results. I just know that if I start playing with setup every time I switch a file, something is different. (not necessarily wrong or bad)

If all else fails, I will just revert to the last build which worked perfect for my setup.

OK, I’m intrigued. In fact the only difference between the November release and this should be the correct passing through of master display data and MaxCLL/MaxFALL. Maybe the Hisense isn’t handling that metadata as it should.

That’s very possible…A lot of sets that have HDR don’t adhere to standards. (source material certainly doesn’t) I was using pure UHD rips for testing, so everything should be kosher on that end. (Captain Marvel 4K looked really milky)
And while the Hisense has a stunning picture for its price, it doesn’t have the best processing.
I’m certain that any discrepancies I’m seeing are the interaction between my Vero and my Hisense, and not any fault with Kodi or OSMC’s adaptation of it.

Yes great tv the Panasonic’s HCX intelligent processer does the work