HDR with Vero4k


I have never seen my TV switching to HDR mode with content coming from my Vero4k(directly connected to the TV, without any AVR between). (for Netflix content my TV switched to HDR mode frequently).

Here is a log with a movie which I believe should be HDR:

and the mediainfo of the file being played back for this test:

many thanks for your support!

Your TV is not advertizing HDR on that HDMI input. Check that it supports HDR on HDMI4 and check if there’s a setting on the TV to enable HDR.

Actually it was connected to HDMI4, so I’ve moved it to HDMI2, and now the TV shows that it has switched into HDR mode.
Movie posters became a bit distorted though on Kodi interface, which was fixed with switching the interface to 3840x2160p. So all looks fine now.

(it’s a Philips Android TV in case this helps anyone else).

many thanks!

This is weird. We do recommend setting the GUI to 1080p, never to 4K. In what way was the fanart distorted?

hard to describe, maybe the contrast unnaturally high, or the number of colors is less in 1080p mode. I’ve tried to make photos of them:

1080p: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fatcXhMtdV1fz7g69
4K: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WJLiD411GJaZVGzd7

Difficult to tell from those photos. See how it goes, but with a 4k GUI, use whitelisting and Settings->Player->Adjust display refresh rate->On start/stop to get HD videos playing nicely.