HDR10 gets dimmed to very dark suddenly

Watching the House of the Dragon S01E05 (HDR10) on Vero 4K+, I noticed that the picture became extremely dark suddenly. Stopping the playback and starting again made it come back to normal.

I have upgraded to the September 2022 version.

What is going on here ?

Is it possible it’s just your TV’s auto-dimming feature kicking in? HotD is a pain for that, because it has long scenes with almost unvarying brightness level and colour palette.

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If you can reproduce this, try pressing OK or bringing up the menu rather than stopping playback and see if this improves things. If it does, this should rule out a decoding/device specific issue.



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This is during extreme dark scenes - hence there should be no need for any autodimming.

That’s a different function you’re thinking of (auto brightness limiter). Many TVs have a mechanism which automatically dims the screen whenever they think they detect a static image - regardless of whether it is dim or bright. It’s intended to prevent image retention/screen burn. LG OLED TVs are particularly notorious for this, but other makers do it too.

As I said, HotD is a show that is very likely to trigger this effect, because it has scenes many minutes long with more or less constant brightness levels and unchanging colour palettes - my own LG TV had to be kicked out of auto-dimming mode about once every two minutes during the latest episode.

Same issue here at the wedding. It is possible to turn it off though I think.