Headless RP3 and Static IP Address

I want to be able to install OSMC on a RP3. I have a Mac and I have assigned a static IP address on my router for the RP3. On my Mac I downloaded the OSMC installer which wrote the installation files to a micro SD.

I found the preseed.cfg file and it contains the user name and password for my router.

Do I edit the preseed.cfg file to add the static IP address and related network information?

If the router is configured to only hand the specified IP to the pi, then nothing should be needed on the pi.

Thanks. I discovered I had specified the wrong MAC address for the Pi3 in the router.

I still needed a keyboard to set up the language and timezone. Can this be done by editing a file on the micro SD card before inserting it into the Pi3. It would be nice to not need to plug in a keyboard.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding something. Why are you running OSMC headless?

You can quickly set the language and timezone using a remote control.

Thanks. You’re right. I don’t need a keyboard. Just use a remote control.

No, however if you log in with SSH afterwards you can change the system timezone with:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata