Headless Torrent Server

I have a spare ATV and want to turn it into a headless torrent server. Simply I just want to use it to download torrents. I have wifi activated, and know I can get transmission for it. What I am wondering is how to run it as a headless unit? I dont have osx, but can setup a virtual machine if that is needed. Any help or points in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

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I assume you can get temporary display access

Just install Transmission from OSMC App Stre.

The aTV will boot headless without issue. You may wish to disable Kodi if you’re not using it. This is outlined on the Wiki. Keep in mind that the aTV consumes at best 23w, when idle, and 40w at load. That’s quite hefty compared to something like a Pi.


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I found a page after I posted that, and saw the transmission app in the app store, so I will definitely check that out. I do have access to plug it up to a TV, I just wont have it permanently plugged up (well until my HDMI switch gets here at least). I will also check out the wiki as well.

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