Heads up on power pack supplied with new order

Received my new Vero 4K in Australia last Friday - 2 weeks after ordering.
So, got to work setting it up as described in the doco provided.

All plugged in, ready to go - turned on the power… and nothing!
No lights, no video.

Left it for a while (noting people commenting on the forum about turning off the power too soon on first boot).
Still nothing.
Checked power supply was actually providing power - check.
So, assuming box might have been corrupted, tried the recovery method.
Still nothing.

Left it for the night, scanned the forum for more ideas dreading I might have to wait another 2 weeks for a replacement.

Saw some comments on power supplies and what would be a suitable replacement.

That’s when it hit me that I knew what was wrong - but hoping that the box wasn’t fried!!

My box was supplied with a 12V 2A power brick not a 5V !
Fortunately the Mede8er box I was replacing had the right power supply already.
Plugged that in with fingers crossed - and lights & video !

Been working well from then on and is a definite improvement on the Mede8er.

For Info, my order number is 11759.
Might need to check that the right power supply is being sent out on other orders …



We haven’t had any reports of this before.
We don’t have any 12v power supplies because we don’t manufacture or sell any products that would use such a supply.

Can you send me a photo of the PSU you received?

If you send me a PM, we can arrange for delivery of another PSU

The good news is that we added circuit protection in Vero 4K, so powering with 12V instead of 5V is no longer the death sentence it used to be.



Thanks Sam - will do that later today (at work now).

Definitely says 12V on the label, and I tested it with a multimeter as 12V too.


Here’s a photo of the power pack that was supplied

Hi Chris

Thanks for your picture.

We don’t manufacture or stock this power supply, so I’m not sure how you would have received this power supply. That PSU looks considerably chunkier than the PSU that we would send.

All of our orders are machine weighed before dispatch to ensure nothing is missing. The power supply should have been received in a bag. The bag will fit a specific size PSU and the PSU you have shown looks significantly larger. Did you receive your PSU in a bag?

I’ve raised a note with AusPost to check the imported and recorded weight. I’ve also checked the recorded weight with other Australian orders that day and can see that they are consistent at time of dispatch.

PSU weight:

A new power supply has been sent in today’s post for you. Our team have double checked that it is correct.

If you have any issues in the future let me know.