HEIC/HEIF image decoder

OSMC cannot display the iphone photo file with the extension .heic
I see that there is an image decodef for that at https://github.com/xbmc/imagedecoder.heif i wonder if somebody has compiled it for the vero4k?

Just tried it, it compiled with a bunch of warnings. Installed it, but there is issues with it, just tested with a couple of files but there is problems with color mappings (blue tint in everything) and it crashed a few times (might be the folder containing over 5k items from the wife’s phone)

Worth mentioning is that it take quite few seconds from selecting image to display, 15-ish seconds for me

Will see if I can get this in for the next release


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that would be great!!

Hi all

I’m running OSMC on a rbpi and try to find a HEIC image decoder. There should be a decoder, I found it on Kodi Wiki, but I can’t find it in the standard repos and installing the downloaded zip doesn’t work as well…
Any hints on what I’m doing wrong would be appreciated…

Thank you

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I was able to add imagedecoder.raw and imagedecoder.mpo.
Some more changes are needed to get imagedecoder.heif working.

This is available in the June update.



I have a vero 4k+. So .heic file can not be read ? Do you have an idea about when it will be available

Thank you for your great job !

Sorry to ask the question again ?

Sorry - I don’t have news. When I tried to add this for ARM based platforms there were a number of problems.

It is still on my list though so I will look again in the near future.

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