Help accessing the OSMC setting (files) after OSMC won't boot using RPi3

I’ve started using OSMC via my RPi3 for a couple of months now; And recently, OSMC won’t boot. I backed up all the files from my mSD Card into my pc and reinstalled a new OSMC. Now, my RPi3 with OSMC boots up fine. This means the previous install was probably corrupted. Now, I am trying to find out how to access my previous OSMC setting files. As mentioned above, all I have are (raw or image) files I backed up in my pc. Any ideas how? Anything I can try or use to boot up the previous install somewhere so I can get all my setting files and move to the new install? Appreciate the help!

By the way, I have searched through the Help and Support section for any information that will help me but have not seen anything close to my problem. I’ll keep searching but it’s starting to frustrate me. :frowning:

  1. I would recommend in future to use the build-in backup function of OSMC (to be found in MyOSMC)

  2. How have you backed up to your PC you write all I have are (raw or image) files I backed up in my pc which is not really clear to me.

I inserted the msd card into my pc and copied all the files in there to a folder in my pc; That’s what I meant. And yes, I was planning to back up my osmc via the built in function but failed to do it in time, apparently. Any chance I can still access the setting files in those backup?

Is your PC a Windows machine? If so you unfortunately you only copied the boot files so no chance to recover any settings files.

Thanks fzinken. If I have another (virtual) machine with Linux installed, would there be a chance to recover them?

You may be able to read the ext4 partition if the SD card didn’t fail. So using a linux VM may just do it. Look for /home/osmc/.kodi

Thanks man; I’ll try running the card via Linux VM and see if I can get the setting files out. Appreciate it.

I understood you the way that you reinstalled OSMC onto the same SD card, didn’t you?
If you installed on the same SD card than even the Linux VM wouldn’t help.
The only last resort (if it is really important would be testdisk