Help buying a new power adapter for my Raspberry Pi 3 with OSMC


I have a Raspberry Pi 3 since 1 year ago and the power supply (non original) is starting to fail now because the fan installed is not working properly when I put it on.

I looked in Amazon Spain and I found this power supply.

Will that work on my RPi 3? It needs to feed the fan and a Toshiba Canvio Basics of 1TB and sometimes that one and other of 3TB.

Also, I found this on/off button but I don’t know if this is recommendable.

Thank you so much in advance.


I can recommend these power supplies:

Raspberry Pi Power Supply 2.5A - OSMC.

If you require an on off switch, I’ve found this to be the best solution:

Both are great power supplies, just depends on your needs.

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom.

I searched in Amazon because I have a Prime account there. Thanks for the first link but why do you prefer the OSMC one instead of the official one? I know that it’s cheaper and OSMC is a good brand but I want to know why.

About the second link, that is for a UK plug and I live in Spain. But thanks.



The OSMC one, is just personnel preference and the one I would recommend. The Amazon one is just as good, so either or.

Also apologies, I mean to post this link for the one from modmypi.

Thanks Tom.

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Well and maybe for the simple reason to financially support the OSMC project :wink:

on/off switches generally should be avoided as they just will make you faster to switch on/off power without checking the real device status.


Don’t worry, I was going to select it anyway (as I said is cheaper and it’s a good brand) Following your warning, I’ll not buy the switch.

And @Tom_Doyle thank you so much for your support!

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I ordered it. @sam_nazarko

Thank you all for your help. @fzinkenand @Tom_Doyle

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It won’t ship for a little while as I’m sure you saw; but you’ll get an email when it does.

Yeah I read it but I don’t care. Take your time. I’m on vacation so I can wait until the 7th :smiley:

One question, in that price the 15% discount was added? Just asking because the Power Supply is so cheap for get a discount haha.

By the way, enjoy your vacation!


Okay – that’s good to hear

Yes. The discount applies to everything in the Store at the moment

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Ok perfect.

Enjoy your short vacation :slight_smile:

Hi @antonio8909!Any feedback for your osmc power adapter for raspi 3?I want to buy it think its pretty cool and good quality.So many adapters out there :confused:


I still have the same power issues. It didn’t change. For avoid it you need to buy the OSMC USB 3.0 hub for get all power but I’m not going to buy it for now.

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Thanks for your fast answer my friend!I was planning to use Raspi 3 maybe as NAS(i am still waiting for it).Or just as pc with raspbian.So i dont know what to choose.I think even the official power supply wouldn’t solve your power issues @antonio8909.Its the HDD that needs more juice…HUB is the best way to go imo.Generally how did you find the osmc power adapter?Solid?Good quality compared to your previous?It has 2 years warranty pretty cool.

The supply is good but it does the same that my old one. Same energy input and output. You can give it a try but it doesnt satisfy my needs 100% until I but a hub in a store or something.

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