Help for beginner with Apps on Vero 4K

I am hoping to learn more about apps on my Vero 4K as a replacement for an ancient Amazon Firestick. Where should I start looking and can I get apps such as Channel 4 and other popular UK channels.

The Vero4k is not running Android by default (but OSMC which is based on Debian as OS and Kodi as the Mediacenter).
So there is not an Apps Concept like on the Firestick. So e.g. to add Video Sources you would use Kodi Addons (Add-ons). Other than that you can install Linux Applications (that don’t require a GUI).

There are certain ones available like BBC ITV but may not cover Channel4

Hi and very many thanks. This is exactly what is needed.
I had forgotten all this so thanks again.

There’s a quite good iPlayer add-on. I don’t know about other channels.