Help, I want to run my M3U playlists, thats all!

Hello, Since a few weeks I am struggling with OSMC and Kodi.
I managed to make M3U playlists of my thousands of music videos, but… I need to move through all the menu-options before I get there to select one and make files play randomly.
That works than fine, I have access to all files, so the M3U files i OK, imho.

Trying everything to configure the menu in Kodi and modyfing XML via PuTTY does not help me any further than: Path not found or no reaction from Kodi or OSMC.

So, what to do to get 1 menu option with : My Music with a direct link to my M3U playlist-files?

Did you try Favourites? And then have a menu to point to that Favourit?

Ahhh, I got it now.
I cliked on the options and copuld add it to the Favorites.
That will do!
Thanks a lot.

Exactly, and if you want you now can make a Main Menu entry pointing to that favuorite