Help installing libre elec

I’d like to try libre elec to this vero 4k box. Can i have instruction how to do it. Thx.

It’s probably best to ask over on the LibreELEC forum.

We don’t recommend installing to the eMMC as you could brick the device.

OSMC is specifically designed to run on the Vero 4K, while LibreELEC is mainly aimed at the Raspberry Pi or Intel hardware these days. So I’m curious as to why you think LibreELEC would be a better choice…?

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Could be core elec or similar. Just would like to try because osmc ui is slow on my vero 4k. Links take long time to open. Would like to try something other to test performance. Or can i tweak performance in osmc. Thx

When you say links: it sounds like content from external service providers.

Are you experiencing problems with local playback?

You can change the OS but this won’t fix the problem if the sources you are trying to access are slow.

Is there any way to make content from external service providers show faster. Actual playback when it shows and opens is fine.

It sounds like you might be using a third party add-on to facilitate this streaming…
Some Python add-ons are slow. You would be better off contacting the developers of these add-ons. Some of them are also slow because they have long timeouts while they enumerate a list of links.