Help Installing TFT Display Drivers

I’m trying to get a small touchscreen working with OSMC on my RasPi 2. I need to run

sudo REPO_URI= rpi-update 

but I get the response that rpi-update command is not found. How can I get this driver installed on OSMC?

Running rpi-update is not recommended because it will replace the custom OSMC kernel with the raspbian one - which will cause you problems with wireless drivers among other things. That’s why we have it set to block running rpi-update.

But if you ask politely and can provide a link to the driver or which kerneloptions must be set, maybe the osmc devs could be so nice to provide your driver with a newer kernel revision…

Can someone please help me get this working on OSMC? I’m a noob to RaspberyPi so I’m not sure what kernel options I need. This is the screen, JBtek Latest Version 3.5 " inch TFT LCD 480x320

This link came with the screen.