Help - mobile off grid - movie streaming network ? is it possible

hi i am looking for a device that will allow me to view my movies that are on an external hard drive on a non smart tv that only has hdmi ports, ?

i will need a tv box that can do this with out a constant connection to the internet ? as i am looking to do this on my camper van ? which has a hootoo wifi network but is not always connected to the internet thanks mark

Yes the Vero4k can do that for you. You should just have Internet connectivity from time to time to ensure the box stays up to date and also it helps to have internet when you add movies to your library to get additional information for the movie but you also can supply them offline via .nfo files.

If you want to make it truly mobile you could try to have your movies including the library database on a USB drive but that would require some diligence to avoid corruption.

Not sure why this makes it any more mobile. The database will be on the vero and once scraped from an online connection, all the metadata should be there.

Well somehow new movies need to come to the camper and if he just bring the harddisk with the new movies to the camper they would not have the additional info when importing them to the library. But if he just have the complete kodi folder including the database on the disk and use that disk with his device at home in the same way as in the camper he can add movies to the disk at home and the full library would be available when he goes to the camper.

I see. There’s a thread in here somewhere on that where someone wanted to sync several devices in his vehicle over wifi while it stood in his driveway.

Disable automatic update checks in My OSMC when you receive your device, and only manually update when you can afford to spare data.


hi folks thanks for that it sounds as if the Vero4k would do the job then, i currently have all our movies on a 1tb lacie drive so i am hoping that will cope with being in the vehicle.