Help needed: Setup video source


I have some videos on a Win8.1 machine and want to add that source to OSMC which is running on a PI3.
So I tried to do the following steps:

  • Share the directory on Win8.1 for read access to everybody
  • Then I tried to open a new video source via SMB. I can see the Win8.1 machine, but no share on it
  • If I try to open the machine an error is fired: “operation not permitted”

The users on the pi and the Win8.1 are different. Does this matter?

What am I doing wrong?

You would need to create a user to access the share. Guest mode is not supported.

Thanks for your comment.
Where (PI / Win) do I need to create what user?

You need on the Win machine a user (either new or existing) that you allow to access the share and then you use that user/password when connecting from Pi

So I created an account under windows for the PI user (PI_USER) with same credentials as on the PI (username PI_USER and pwd PI_USER_PWD).
But unfortunately still the same behaviour and error message.
Is it required to wait for a certain time or do other stuff?

Can I check anything on the PI commandline?

Install smbclient sudo apt-get install smbclient and then execute smbclient with smbclient -U <your user name> -L //<IP of the Win8>

also suggest you read up on this wiki

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Thank you. The problem is solved:
Step 1 was the missing SMB client
Step 2 was the SMB version (must be V1)

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