[HELP NEEDED] Translating OSMC in to other languages

This year, we’ve been working on significant changes to OSMC under the hood. Some of these changes aren’t immediately visible, but pave the way for the future of OSMC and will improve the user experience significantly over time.

For some time, we’ve wanted users to enjoy OSMC fully in their language, but didn’t have a workflow or system to facilitate this.

We have now set up a translation system, powered by WebLate and we need your help translating OSMC in to other languages so we can deliver a consistent and dependable user experience.

This is new territory for us, so we will start by translating the OSMC Skin, mantained by @Chillbo and take things from there. After this, we’ll extend this to our My OSMC add-on and some downstream strings that we use for the platforms we support.

We are looking for users that are happy to translate OSMC.

If you are interested, please reply here and we will get in touch. We will be somewhat judicious in this process – we’re looking for members of this forum that have been active for a long time.

Please note: if you’ve been invited and logged in, but find yourself unable to log in later, make sure you’re using your translator-* email address, and not your personal email address. We’re using custom email addresses because the WebLate system commits these to the repository which is a known issue. You can find your translator-* email address from the welcome email.




Hi Sam,
count me in. Don’t know how much I’ll be able to contribute (lately quite heavily involved @ work), but I’ll do my best!
Could do French @ German :wink: The other languages I speak, I’m afraid I’m not that fluent on the technical level :wink:

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Hello Sam
I can help you with translation to Czech language.
A few years ago I also want to help you with translating in your transifex project for installer https://www.transifex.com/osmc/
Unfotunately it was too short.



I’m able to help for french

Would love to Sam, am now having a vacation, but would love to help after that in 3 weeks or so.

I can help out with Dutch and if needed a bit of French.


I did most of the translations to Lithuanian for Kodi. Can help with OSMC as well.

I could provide help with German translations.

I could help with translation to Russian

German native speaker who’s been learning English for about 30 years here. I’d like to contribute to my favourite media platform OSMC. No experience with any translation systems but can read manpages, wikis, and use a search engine.
It’s just that I’m best man for the wedding of a childhood friend who’ll get married on the 2021-07-17 and there’s still lots of stuff to organise, not really much time for anything else. After that date the time schedule is clear, though. Just let me know if that’d be fine.

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Hi Sam,
I can help doing translation to Danish if needed.
Quite heavy load @ work @ the moment - but in another two weeks the burden should ease up a bit.
Have a great weekend :wink:

I would love to help out with Dutch. Also available for proofreading / second readership.

As previous experience I translated on Helprace and NAPS2.


I can help with French, as a native speaker.

Hello, I am a native Spanish speaker and Ican help with Spanish translation. I have some experience translating technical documents from English to Spanish.

Happy to help with the English to Swedish (Svenska) translation.

I’ve sent out some invites via the translation system.

Users that aren’t signed up can also make suggestions for translations for the skin by following this link here: OSMC/OSMC Skin @ Weblate.

I hope we still get the option to use English as system language.
It’s frustrating with forced localization, no matter how good the translation is.

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Of course you can simply keep the language as English.


I can look into Norwegian translation.

Hi Tor,

You should have received an email.


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