Help on getting my universal remote to work


I would like to remotely control my Vero V with my Sofabaton U2 via Bluetooth.
Unfortunately there is no BT profile for the Vero in the remote control app.

So I wrote to their support and they answered me as follows:
“Kindly reach Vero as a client of them for a whole set of bluetooth code of Vero V, we might be able to add it into our bluetooth codebase.”

Could you provide these codes?
That shouldn’t be any harm to you and your great work on the Vero?

Thank you in advance and have a nice weekend!

KR Oliver

Does the Sofabaton have a keyboard profile? I know the little radio frequency remote OSMC ships with the Veros is basically just a keyboard emulator, and Kodi works fine with a keyboard. So if you can get the Sofabaton to behave like a Bluetooth keyboard, you’re probably 90% of the way there. The last 10% might be mapping some keys that don’t behave the way you want by default.

Bluetooth is going to work the same on an OSMC device as it does on any other PC running Kodi which is to say, as pkscout mentioned, like a keyboard. I find it a bit hard to believe they don’t already have a configuration for this, or at least a generic PC/HTPC keyboard configuration to load. If they are going to generate to Kodi specific profile the default keyboard mappings are listed in the following wiki.

Thanks for all your help, I will foreward it to Sofabaton and see what they can do with all that.

Feel free to CC in sam at osmc dot tv

Alternatively they could send some samples to us and we would be able to advise accordingly. We’ve been able to get profiles arranged with Logitech (Harmony) in the past.

Thank you very much, it would be great if you are willing to help.
They just wrote me this:

“Kindly reach the company of OSMC Vero for a request of a whole set of Bluetooth code as one of its clients and normally if we reach these companys, they just turned us down.”

I will now answer them with your mail adress, so that they can get in touch with you.

The Sofatbaton seems to me like a real alternative to the harmony at an affordable price, so getting it to work with the VERO V via BT (IR seems to work, but is not practical for me) shouldn´t be your harm.

Please excuse my bad english

What exactly does that mean?

To be honest, I have no idea.

But they are in direct contact with Sam now. :slight_smile:

They contacted us asking for Bluetooth codes. I suggested they send us a unit so we can develop an optimal keymap for them.

I will ask them for that.

Unfortunately they don’t seem to want to provide any samples; so it’s hard for us to advise on how to integrate the product in to OSMC.

Hello Sam,

thank you for all your support!
I have already written to them that I absolutely cannot understand how they behave there and that I am very disappointed as a customer.
After that I didn’t get any more answers.
My question now would be, in addition to the Harmony, which is honestly too expensive for me, is there a universal remote control that supports the VERO V via BT?
Or do you see a possibility to create something for the Sofabaton if I pay for the device for you?
But without their support it probably won’t help, right?

Thank you again!

I don’t think that’s wise.

If they really want to save money they could pick up a Pi Zero 2 for $5 and boot OSMC on that and get a working keyboard layout.

I am still lost here. Did you actually tired to pair it to the Vero with BT and press some keys and check what keys OSMC receives? Maybe the keys already match otherwise you easily can reconfigure OSMC to match them.