Help regarding Kodi Repository

Hello everyone, I recently installed OSMC latest version but upon installation when i go to addons > install from repository i keep on getting “Could Not connect to repository error” I am unable to access the default kodi repository and looks like no one had this problem since in tried searching. I came across editing some URL on reddit but couldn’t find the specified files.

Please help.

Please consult the wiki on how to submit an useful support request.

First check your internet connection.

The internet connection is working properly

So please:

chuck it, too much stuff to do and read for a simple query. Better off to use other variants Xbian or Libreelec.

It’s literally three button presses to upload a log.

Your repository is probably a dodgy one, or you mangled the XML

That’s what we think too :wink:


ofcourse it is a dodgy one…nothing edited, heck I dont even know how to edit xmls…repo showing version 9.9.9 which is crazy itself…

Also I dont get the logic of posting long for something that doesnt even exist :confused:

If you’re having problems with an unofficial repository, you’re going to have those problems regardless of the distribution you use, and you need to contact the maintainer of that repository for them to fix it.

If you’re having problems with an OSMC or official XBMC repository, then you need to post a log. We can’t help you otherwise.


Buddy, I recently faced pretty same issue but I want Dany (my office friend) for helping me,
I am really sorry 0n3sleepyGamer because i dont know what dany has done with my kodi.