[Help] - Sad face after installing an add-on

Hi everyone:

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 with the latest OSMC distro running on it (4.9.29-9-osmc).

I´m tryying to install a PVR server and a PVR client on the Rpi with an add-on that is supposed to work in the Rpi. The add-on is the next one:


The problem is that after installing the server part, OSMC fails, gets me a sad face and keeps on looping all the time.

If i delete the add-on form the add-on and userdata folders (via command line) OSMC works good again.

Can anyone help me to see how could I fix this problem?

Please find attached the debug log file:


Any kind of help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

The log file don’t directly show any crash information.
I am not knowledgeable in the Addon you are using but wonder if you instead could use tvheadend which seems also to support movistar

Hey fzinken.

Thanks for your hint.

Of course I could use Tvheadend (I was using it before), the “problem” is that it requires a lot of work to configure it in one side, and in the other side this add-on gives much more functionalities like a real deco from the company that Tvheadend doesn´t allow, that´s why I´d like to install this add-on.

Is there anyone who could try to install this add-on on its Rpi (I could explain to him how) and see if it gets the same failure?

Thanks in advance.

The add-on developer is probably your best bet.