Help streaming audio to android phone from Raspberry Pi or similar?

My OSMC Pi is hooked up to a projector. My OSMC Pi streams Jellyfin from another Pi with the media.

The available speakers aren’t that great and I’m worried about the volume at night, so I’d like to either stream audio to my android phone where I can hook up my headphones. Is this possible? I can only find one rather old thread with some things no longer working (Reddit - Dive into anything).

Alternatively could I somehow output the audio from the JellyfinPi? That is next to my seat, and again I could connect my headphones to that. I don’t have Bluetooth headphones.

Any advice or ideas appreciated!

AFAIK you can’t stream audio to a phone - not by bluetooth anyway, or at least not as high quality audio (you would have to use the handsfree profile).

I’m not familiar with Jellyfin but it will be just serving the stream, not playing it so I can’t see how you would get audio that way. If you could you’d have a major lipsync issue.

BT headphones aren’t that expensive …

Use Yatse and the function “Local Device” in players

That didn’t work. I ended up getting an extension cord for my headphones.

Why not? Maybe missing configuration?

Ok, forget that. I just realised you wanted to split audio and video that would not be possible with Yatse.