Help Vero 4k does not Boot

Try October version 2018.10 as this pre-dates some HDMI changes we made.
And try on another display.


How much power are you providing by USB?

don’t know

I just test with a docking station with that have a usb cable

Ok I’ve done several test without success. I guess some power stuff must be broken. I just ordered a new vero 4k

I will benefit from the gigabit etherne…

do you want I 'm sending you the broken one

Thanks to all for your help

If there is a warranty active then we can repair it for you — ping When you get the new device I would try the PSU that comes with it on the old Vero.

I received my new Vero 4k + Thanks

I’ve done a try with the new PSU and … it works

Would it be possible to obtain a new PSU. This way I will be able to use both Vero’s …

Yes – we can send you a new PSU.