Help w/ Movie Poster Art, Descriptions etc in OSMC

I’m new to all things XBMC, Raspbmc and OSMC. I’ve done a lot of searching and found a program called Media Companion thanks to lifehacker that seems to do a good job of scraping what was previously just a list of files and has since turned into a plethora of movie art and even a folder for actors (unclear where that one lives in the OSMC GUI.

My 1st question - Using OSMC and have each film live in it’s own folder of the same name seems to add an extra unenecessary click in OSMC to open the folder to then see the file and it’s corresponding art. Does everything really need to be placed into it’s own folder?

My 2nd question - Does OSMC support descriptions like those Media Companion pulls from the internet?

If there is a guide out there I have not found it but not for lack of trying. If someone could link me or work with me briefly to get things set up I would greatly appreciate it. Then I’ll be happy to help the next person that asks what I’m certain is a very basic question :wink:

Sounds like you haven’t added the source to the library and that you are browsing them with the file browser.

Try this,

Oh yes I should have added the details of my setup. I am using the Pi directly attached to a 4TB USB HD so it automatically recognizes it. Is there an extra step I missing as it appears to already be “added”.

Already added? Not unless you added it. Maybe you need to (at least temporarily) change back to confluence skin to see that the info you are looking for is there? Currently the OSMC skin only supports list views so, not all info is visible in this view.

@ActionA thank you so much for responding so quickly! I’ll swap and see if it’s working later this evening and reply. THANK YOU!!!