Help with Argon One M2 Fan and OSMC


I just installed OSMC and I am currently running it on my Argon One M2. I ran the script they had up to make the fan work with OSMC but I noticed that the fan doesn’t actually run. I currently have it set to always on but it is not helping. Does anyone have any experience with setting up OSMC on the Argon One M2 case and fan? Could you please give me a hand? Thanks.

Thanks, I am trying it now and will let you know if it worked for me or not.

this worked for me to get my argon one case fan up and running finally – thanks!

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Went through and installed it but it didn’t work for me.


What didn’t work, perhaps raise an issue on the github?

Thanks Tom.

Without access to such a case / fan – it’s hard to know why it isn’t working.



Just wanted to say thanks to @Tom_Doyle for pointing me in the right direction. I reinstalled OSMC then the script he suggested and rebooted and I finally have a fan running. So this can be marked closed now.

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