Help with ATMOS please

HIi all…

I have a very basic JVC ATMOS Soundbar, it was given to me, not my choice. I downloaded an ATMOS demo which is on a USB stick and it plays fine and the bar indicates it is indeed broadcasting in ATMOS. However if I try and play a film which has is ATMOS from a usb stick or a HDD it will not recognise it. To check if the film did have an ATMOS audio track attached I opened it in Plex and it does show the selectable soundtracks as 5.1 and 7.1 ATMOS.
I posted this on one of the AV forums and was told that a dedicated player would be my answer, and the Vero would be an ideal candidate. I am about to hit buy it but have a few questions…

  1. How would one set this up? I currently have The JVC THD588B and a Samsung MU6400. As it stands I am using ARC to connect the bar to my TV… I am able to stream atmos and also my bar recognises the Dolby demo on a usb stick. But if I try and stream a rip etc it does not recognise the soundtrack. I have been told that in order get ATMOS from a USB or HDD I would need to connect the Vero to the JVC Bar HDMI input, but how would that carry the picture to my TV if it is not connected directly? (sorry if this is all very basic and I come across dumb, I am a noob, hence the user name).

  2. Where is the media stored, is it on the Vero or do I have to use a USB? Where is the dashboard/interface if it is not connected direct to the TV.

  3. Finally how will the TV recognise the Vero as a selectable source/device? Usually when you connect anything to the TV directly you can select it in source but if its going to the bar I assume that cant be done?

I hope all this makes sense??

Thank you very much in advance.

For audio, please do check this out and have a thorough read of the parts meant for your setup: Audio hardware and software configuration - #8

If your soundbar has an HDMI-in, it should have an HDMI-out to connect to the TV as well. Then you’d follow the above guide for the HDMI setup option.

Hi, thank you for your reply. Wow thats a lot to try and understand. I was hoping that someone could give me some answers to my questions in lay-mans terms.

I am not being lazy at all, I just am very very new to this. Does the Vero connect to the TV at all?

I will definitely give it a read and try and understand, but if anyone can help with some simple steps that would be most appreciated.

  1. Number of HDMI ports 3 according JVC.

So connect vero to HDMI 1 or 2, the other one is for connecting TV.

you don’t need ARC if you play from Vero as source directly

  1. Media can be stored on USB disk or on NAS. not on Vero itself as it has just 14 Gb available and you don’t want to use that removing movies everytime making new space

  2. not needed if connected to hdmi 1 or 2, you select this on the JVC and TV must be connected to the ARC on TV and ARV on JVC.

Thank you very much!! Totally makes sense… Much appreciated.

To get the audio settings in the above linked guide right (choose Audio hardware and software configuration - #4, if you connect via HDMI), check your soundbar’s manual before for audio capabilities (whether it can process only 2.0 PCM or 5.1/7.1 PCM as well as DTS formats - it can decode Dolby formats as it’s Atmos capable). :+1:t2: