Help with keymap editor (or similar) addon for Home button

I am new to KODI and OSMC, been using it for only two weeks maybe, and today I finally solved one of the two main problems I faced coming from Apple TV. One was Library Scan/Update when waking from sleep (not restart or power on) and the other is (I hope) just as easy to fix for someone who knows exactly where to look, so I’ll open a new topic for it just to solve it as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

I want to remap the Home button on the Vero 4k+ remote to not be just similar to the “back” button, but to take me right to the FIRST selection on the home menu (Movies), no matter where I am in the system at the moment. To the same place, Vero boots itself to. Is that possible and with which addon? For now, I managed to map it so it will take me to the Home screen, but only to the last selection I was on before going further in menus. How to tell it to: “take me to Home, and select Movies”.


It is possible to do this, but it could be tricky. The command is:

ActivateWindowAndFocus(id1, id2,item1, id3,item2)

The documentation on this is pretty slim:

The ID of the home window is 10000, but you’ll have to look through the code for the skin you use to find the ID of the “Movies” item.

i want to do the exact same thing,
did you ever figure this out?

I doubt it as I don’t think the exact thing the OP wanted was possible. If your using an OSMC remote with a recent version of OSMC then the home button will take you to the home screen from most locations now instead of being similar to the back button. That action couldn’t be global as Kodi will crash if you try to call up a new window when certain screens are active.