Help with .mkv files

Reached limit of days postings lol !

thanks fzinken, seems to be working !
“You have 60 seconds before formatting” !

Obviously, buyers beware buying from CPC (An authorised stockist) as mine was flashed with totally different software !
Did factory reset, and whoppee ! Got me decent software back again !

Thanks again guys, I did think my image was a bit amateurish, compared with what I had been reading on the net about OSMC !
Onwards and upwards !



I updated your profile so this will no longer be an issue.

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I wonder if @sam_nazarko is aware of them doing this ! It seems very odd.

My box was opened from the bottom, so the sec tag was still intact.
I bet someone borrowed one, or it was a return flashed with non standard software.
I did think when first turned on, that the software was a bit crap, and not the high standard expected, but knew nothing different !

However, it all works now, and I sent a Pm to CPC so they know. If I have reliability issues in the future at least CPC know.

First thoughts ? Great bit of software, and the box aint bad either. Just what I was after, much better than my very old android box.

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That’s quite concerning. I wonder if they sent you someone else’s return or something got mixed up.

Can you send me an email (sam at osmc dot tv) with a copy of your receipt so I can contact CPC and look in to this?

The device should come cellophane (shrink) wrapped.