Help with MySQL and "My OSMC" Network configuration

Hi, everyone

I’ve had my setup - RPi2 running OSMC, NAS with content and MySQL databases - running fine since forever, but have apparently botched things.

My advancedsettings.xml is created and properly setup to this effect, containing all the necessary information regarding my MySQL databases.

Messing about with the “My OSMC” GUI options, I went into the Network portion to see what was in there, and was surprised to find a MySQL tab. Since this was mostly unresponsive, I tried backing out but the Pi seemed stuck, so I ended up doing a reboot.

The net result of whatever I did is that somehow, after a reboot, OSMC no longer uses the SQL databases. My advancedsettings.xml is intact, but the MySQL tab in the GUI doesn’t have any info, and doesn’t let me save it once input.

I’m guessing something was botched in my initial explorations, and now OSMC is looking elsewhere than advancedsettings.xml for the database info? Is there a GUI settings file somewhere that I can edit to get the info in advancedsettings.xml to kick in again?



This is the only thing that matters. Doesn’t matter what the GUI says as long as advancedsettings.xml is correct. If it is not correct, then Kodi will report such in it’s log. That’s where you should be looking for the issue.

I was actually troubleshooting via the log and found the issue, then read your post :slight_smile:

The log reported an error regarding line 23 of advancedsettings.xml, which initially I couldn’t get: everything seemed to be correct.

In the end, I guess that the GUI re-writes these items in the xml, but for some reason the final tag wasn’t added. I vi’d it in there, reboot mi Pi, and everything is golden.

Thanks for your input!