Help with OSMC Library setup + library scan

I just got the Vero4k. I have an external HDD hooked to it via USB, and hooked to the TV via HDMI.

Set it up, seems to run fine, plays all the videos. my parents can navigate around enough to play their media

Problem is setting up the Library.

I myself come from a Plex background. Pretty simple, setup a library for movies, tv shows, etc. and pointed it to my library. accessed right there when you load up Plex.

But getting into OSMC. I can’t figure out how to do it as such?

I have to navigate from the videos section to my external drive all the way to the tv shows folder, movie folders. Maybe it’s a kodi thing and it operates differently?

Or does it have to do with it not being able to do a library scan? i also went to settings > library. When i try to update the library and scan the movies library, or the tv shows library, it says “unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning” for every media item i have? It is connected to the internet.

So far, it is usable though. Just not sure how to tweak it to make it easier.

You would need to add the movies and TV show folders separately to the library so that the contents can be scanned properly.